SMTP Firewall:
XWall protects thousands of Internet exposed servers worldwide.

Offers spam analysis and blocked message retrieval.




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"This product has been the best investment we've made...."

Carlos Cruz, Computer Engineer


"Please do keep up the good work. It's all good, exceptional turn around and responsiveness which will keep me here for a long time coming."



"You guys really are doing an amazing job! My bosses think this product is the best thing since sliced bread! Thanks for making my job so much easier."

J. Brewer


"We are running on a Dell 400cs (yes celeron) with 512 meg ram and a 100g hdd. XWall rocks on this machine in our setup. We are averaging 5000 messages in and 7000 messages out."

M Nold


"I went ahead and purchased it earlier this week, and let me just say, I’m impressed. It was easily installed, and with minimal muddling I found my way around everything."

Dennis D.


"I'm trying out ESATInformer. It's a great product, and I've had lots of positive feedback from my users."

Jim G.


"That ESAT program looks really nice, and I think would make for a great complement to theXWall software. I'll read up on it a little more and most likely will make the purchase of that for my company. You have a great product, and I appreciate the quick turnaround of answers to all of my questions."

Larry B.


"ESATInformer is a great enhancement to XWall. I feel like the guy in the 'sharpening the saw' story that Steven
Covey writes about in his book. I have been so busy that I didn't take time to look at ESATInformer before this week. I should have done it much sooner."

Tom J.


Dave and Peter—Count us among your friends on the Web. I know I recommend XWall whenever I can, but I don't want you guys to be too successful, if you know what I mean. Having this kind of access to the developers is priceless!

Just promise us you won't turn into Faceless Megacorp, Inc. when the word gets out about XWall and ESAT.



"Thank you XWall.
It has been a few months since I checked in on the forums. Looks like things are still going good for you guys here. I just wanted to post a little update to Peter and Michael and the rest of the crew on how things are going with our install. I have offically achieved my goal of catching 90%+ of everyone's spam in my company. Most people are at 98%. With some aggressive filtering and whitelisting, we have made our goal, and the users rejoiced. We could have never done it without the ESATI package and all the hard work you guys did to help us get it converted over to work with Lotus Notes. I am still waiting to see a write-up in Network World for you guys promoting XWall/ESAT as the next 'Killer App.' You guys deserve it. Thanks again guys."

Brandon H.

Spam filter for SMTP and Exchange Server

The XWall is a server based spam filter that works. It's that simple. Ask anybody or try it yourself. XWall for Microsoft Exchange (5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 including SB versions 32/64bit) and standard SMTP mail servers offers a wide variety of filters to combat spam, junk mail, email viruses, dangerous attachments and many other undesired email situations. XWall may attach disclaimers to outgoing email, and can archive all in and outgoing email. XWall keeps a detailed daily log including several informative statistics. Try the XWall spam filter today on your Exchange server and effectively control spam and viruses in your company's email.

XWall works with Microsoft Server NT4, 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012 Standard, Enterprise and Small Business and SB 2011. It also can be placed on a MS Home server, 2000 Pro, XP or Vista/7 workstation. Microsoft may limit the number of connections on some workstation OS. XWall is available in 32 and 64 bit versions.

XWall 3.50 Released February 22th 2014

The full XWall release of 2014 is available immediately and offers exciting new features. You can download it from our download section. As always the link will automatically download the latest version directly from the publisher site. XWall 3.50 is fully compatible with all modern Microsoft OS releases and even supports legacy OS's like server 2000, XP, and server 2003. On the other end it fully compatible with server SB2011, 2012 and all Exchange releases including 2013. Of course XWall supports all types of Exchange including small business. To update just download the full 64 or 32 bit version and install it into the same location as your current setup. Please stop the service and admin during the update process.

There are many new feature worth checking in to. The features have been tested in several beta releases over the past few month. As you can tell from the lineup this XWall release focuses on the latest security options to keep your users email safe.
Perfect Forward Secrecy:
The landscape of secure data transfer has changed and many experts have taken a new look at vulnerabilities. The German magazine C't (Computer Technology) has proposed a new set of tools to greatly enhance the security of the email transport. XWall 3.50 is supporting these new features and is one of the first to do so.

It's not due to the amount of rain you get. But XWall 3.50 offers new protection against flooding from botnets. The feature can be enabled under Options-Blocking-Drop.

ClamAV enhanced support:
The favorite "on Demand" open source AV scanner enjoys now native support. This will make it easier for new installers to protect the email from viruses and gives the admin a valuable statistical information about malware treads attempting to enter through emails.

A new service to detect phishing:
Does your heart starts beating faster when you see emails like "UPS has a package" or " Your mailbox is full" should the message make it through there is always that one person to click the link in the message. SaneSecurity make it less likely that such messages get by XWall. They provide a signature list for known Phishing, Spear phishing, Fake lottery, Ecard malware, Casino, Fake jobs, Fake loans, 419s, Fake Diplomas, porn, emailed malware and other general spam. I love to see that and will implement SaneSecurity on my customers installations immediately

Refined Grey listing:
All the big mail services and ISP's (Gmail, Hotmail, Office, MessageLabs, Postini, GMX) are excluded from grey listing. No this is not watering down grey listing. All these ISP's mail servers are re-sending emails do to temporarily failure anyway. Exempting them is just speeding things up.

Enhanced Microsoft Antimalware client support
You may use Microsoft's Antimalware scanner in on demand mode. This mode is preferred by many email admins

Expanded Heuristic Filter
The heuristic filter got another makeover. As in the past the developer keeps XWall and features like the heuristic filter up to date and XWall's effectiveness is getting better and better. The heuristic filter's sensitivity for phishing, html and attachments have been improved in XWall 3.50 In addition the heuristic methode now supports GTUBE (Generic Test for unsolicited bulk email)

Enhanced support for Kaspersky virus scanner
Yes, Kaspersky's AV enjoys additional options in XWall 3.50

User based message size limit
This is a nice feature. It allows certain people like a HR director who complained about a low attachment limit just yesterday to get the files he needs. …. And you still can keep the pictures from the 6 week trip around the world Mary sent to Susie out. Get the picture :

TLS control enhancements:
This should help you to get a better handle on secure email transport.

To get you update today just go to the download section
1. Select and download the 64 or 32 bit version.
2. Find out where your XWall install is located typically that's c:/xwall or c:/program files /XWall
3. Stop the XWall service or program, exit the XWall admin
4. Run the downloaded XWall setup.
5. XWall usually detects the location on the old install. But verify that it's the correct location
6. After that it's pretty well all the defaults
7. Once installed bring up the XWall admin and check the settings under View-Domains on Exchange. You should see your email domains and that's an indication that everything is fine.
8. Make any adjustments and/or implement the new features you want.
9. Restart the service and check if XWall resumes.

Great reasons to install XWall email control

  1. Thousands of satisfied customers can't be wrong.

  2. Spam and Viruses do not enter your mail server and distribution environment.

  3. You have multiple filters: RBL, SURBL, SPF, Greylisting, Bayes, Heuristic, Tests block, etc.

  4. The XWall CCS central server protects you from treats you don't know yet.

  5. New spam may requite new methods. XWall updates keeps you filter in top shape.

  6. You have server license for unlimited users and multiple domains.

  7. You get user spam reports, blocked mesasage retrieval and admin overview reports via email.

  8. SMTP firewall protects against attacks and open relay.

  9. XWall excludes corporate or individual automatic senders.

  10. XWall adds automatic outgoing disclaimer to messages.

  11. Xwall works independently of exchange or mail server version.

  12. MXBackup - a simple adjustment to your MX record and our email backup service takes over whenever your site is not available.

Click here to read about the detail of the XWall spam filters


The XWall spam filter is compatible with all professional versions of Windows and Windows servers including the 2011/12 releases and the Microsoft Small Business edition servers series with 32bit or 64 bit core. XWall may also be used with Notes, Groupwise and other non-Windows environments. This however requires that XWall is installed on a separate machine running Windows.

XWall supports all versions of Microsoft Exchange Server including 5.0, 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. XWall can be installed on the same machine as Exchange or on a separate system. The system can be inside or outside your network. Often XWall is used as a SMTP firewall in the DMZ. XWall supports SMTP mail servers including Lotus Notes, Novell Groupwise, Imail and many others.


The XWall email spam filter is found in situations ranging from a handful of users to large scale cluster servers handling 15,000+ mail accounts. A single XWall server often filters the mail for an entire school district or university. The licensing is per server based. One Exchange server requires one XWall license.

A special XWall ISP is available to ISPs and ISP-like operations. It allows filtering all email for the ISP and forwarding it to multiple servers located at the ISP.


The XWall setup is painless and does not install any plug-ins nor does it hook to your Exchange server. Xwall can be put in the mail stream or removed from it with a simple port switch. The install wizard automatically configures XWall for your system asking only a minimal number of questions.

XWall is server based, installs in front of your Exchange server and does not require any software on the client system. XWall may function as application or as service on any NT class system.


While other spam filters may also filter the mail in front of exchange they send it right to it after filtering it. You still end up with all the headaches and capacity issues. XWall with the ESAT option keeps all the spam outside your Exchange or SMTP mail server. Yet the users are informed about any blocked email and can retrieve it. This feature is available for all mail systems and not limited to some versions of Exchange. The spam gets automatically deleted after a preset (by you) time.


Xwall features a long list of filter and mail handling components. It's not just all about spam. Xwall offers features like outgoing e-mail disclaimers, outgoing e-mail encryption and signing. Read more


We feel that while spam may be fascinating to some, you probably have better things to do. XWall features a great number of automated filters and features. XWall offers SLS, RBL, SURBL, Heuristic (a.k.a. Spamassasin) Bayes, Greylisting, Phishing, White list SLS, SPF, CCS (Central Checksum Service), Country block by IP, auto white listing for individuals or company wide, auto disclaimer, auto encription and auto retrieval. XWall can automatically archive all in and outgoing emails.

Evaluation & Purchase

A full featured evaluation of XWall & ESATInformer can be downloaded. If you would like to purchase a license please visit our online store page for information.

Support & Updates

Support is available via toll free phone to all Ceratec customers. We also offer a helpdesk, email and our busy XWall.US Forum. We also offer a large FAQ section and the right answer is never far away, including any pre-sales question you may have.

XWall is constantly undergoing changes to keep up with the spammers. You may download these updates free of charge. If you like to be active in the fight of spam we will be happy to notify you of Beta releases.

The CCS (Central Checksum Service) is an annual paid subscription service.

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