F-Prot use with XWall with failsafe option

Here is my suggestion for an F-Prot "wrapper" batch to work around the bad signature issue (or at least react to the fact in order to prevent false infected reports).

by Maga, a contributing member on the Ceratec XWall Forum


Listing of fscan.cmd


@echo off

rem Change "C:\FProt\" with your path to fpcmd.exe
rem If you use reporting, add the following additional parameter: -report="%2"
"C:\FProt\fpcmd.exe" "%1" -dumb -noboot -nomem -server -archive=5 -packed
if errorlevel 4 goto ERROR
if errorlevel 3 goto FOUND
if errorlevel 2 goto ERROR
if errorlevel 1 goto ERROR

exit 1
goto END

rem Insert your actions to perform in case of scanner failure here
rem net send * "XWall F-Prot Error"
rem net stop xwall /y
rem pause
goto END


In MBAdmin select View->Options->Virus use these settings :
(Replace "c:\xwall\" with your path to fscan.cmd)

Virusscanner: Custom
Executable: c:\xwall\fscan.cmd
Arguments: <FILE>