Please do keep up the good work. It's all good, exceptional turn around and responsiveness which will keep me here for a long time coming..

. Netmaster

I'm blown away by Xwall's effectiveness
I am currently testing Xwall during my 30 day trial period and so far I am pleased with the product. My network was receiving somewhere in the neighborhood of 900-1100 spam emails daily and this has cut it down to about 10-20. I had tested several products and most more expensive but this thing is great with the control that I have. I will be purchasing this product within the next week or so. [/b]
Network Administrator


You guys really are doing an amazing job! My bosses think this product is the best thing since slice bread! Thanks for making my job so much easier

J. Brewer


We are running on a Dell 400cs (yes celeron) with 512 meg ram and a 100g hdd. X-wall rocks on this machine in our setup. We are averaging 5000 messages in and 7000 messages out

M Nold


Serving the Industry
Our products and services are purchased by corporations, hotels, law offices, universities, schools, goverment agencies and organizations around the world. Below is a list of just a few of the clients to whom Ceratec has provided our services for over the years.