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Be informed! Reveive a daily ADMIN report and User spam report. Users can retrieve blocked messages automatically.



Using the XWall option "Mark subject and move to Junk E-Mail folder" has been selected, XWALLFilter routes the message to each mailboxes "Junk E-mail" folder automatically.

XWall Exchange Spam Filter Components...
XWall uses a variety of filters to keep spam out of your MS Exchange server and we "mean out of exchange." While others may mark spam and then dump it right into your mail system we keep your system clean and use a unique system to prevent any false positives.

RBL for Exchange server SLS (Spam Listing Service) RBL
XWall supports several Relay Black Lists (RBL) services right out of the box ( Spamcop, Spamhaus). To insure minimal false positives, you may enable group testing. A group contains 2 or more spam services. The e-mail is only considered spam if it fails all members of the group. If a message is considered spam, XWall lets you choose several different actions. These actions are independent of other filters. more....

SURBL for Exchange Server SURBL Hurts the Spammers Pocketbook
The SURBL has evolved from the SLS services. Unlike testing the SMTP ports for open relays, the SURBL service lists the spam supported web sites. XWall searches the e-mail for links to web sites. When it finds a link, it checks with SURBL if that site is listed. This filter is very effective stopping pharmacy spam.

Greylisting  filter in XWall Greylisting Stops Millions...
The Greylisting Filter is simple and effective by nature. The filter stops any message from an unknown source and issues a "temporary mail handling problem". The typical RFC compatible SMTP server will retry delivery and XWall will let the message pass. Most spammers, however, will or cannot re-send the message. For more information check this link.

Backscatter (NFR) blocking
Xwall successfully blocks fake none delivery receipts and system messages. The Xwall spam filter analyses header information and other vital data to determine if it's a true or fake system message.

Xwall Heuristic Fiilter Heuristic Filter: a.k.a. "Spamassassin™
The Heuristic filter is calculating the possibility of the message being spam by considering a number of factors like words, subject, headers and more. Unlike the Bayes filter, it does not need to learn and can be implemented right out of the box. For best protection, we recommend to use both the Heuristic and the Bayes learning filter.

XWall Bayesian Filter The Bayesian Filter (Bayes)
This filter is a major step forward. To fully understand this filter, we recommend reading Paul Graham's White Paper. In addition, XWall also contains an exclude table. It allows you to let a user or a domain send mail through the filter even if they are on a black list or have criteria which filters would catch. As with the other two filters, the Bayesian filter offers an exclude table as well as an independent action table.

XWall Central Checksum Service The XWall Central Checksum Service
Now there is a new way of handling unknown virus treads and the pesky stock quote spam attacks. The new CENTRAL CHECKSUM SERVICE filter in XWall is just the tool you have been waiting for. We've seen many viruses literally outrun the virus scanner. At best, one of the Norton's & Co. would claim to be the fastest to stop the virus, but that was after the virus did billions in damage. The XWall Central Checksum Service is very different and much faster.

Sender Permitted Filtering The Sender Permitted Filtering (SPF)
Once Microsoft endorsed SPF (Sender Permitted Filtering) it has rapidly gained acceptance. The filter checks a text record in the DNS record. This text record tells the filters which domains are permitted to send email from that server. The more admins add the record to their own domains the better the filter will work. For more information check

The Phishing Filter The Phishing Filter
Phishing is the new buzzword. You did hear about it in the news. Basically, it's Spam with a criminal element added. These email seem to come from your bank, Ebay and so on. XWall examines each email for signs of Phishing. lt detects false links where the displayed link is different from the real one. It also detects senders that do not send from the correct servers.

The XWall virus scanner The Virus Scanner in XWall
Virus scans for Exchange are expensive. A standard scanner typically will not work to scan email at the server. The problem is the mime encoded message hides the virus from the scanner. XWall assembles the message and an inexpensive on-access scanner like F-prot, E-Trust, Norton, McAfee, Panda and many others cannow find the virus. Not only do you save money, but if you don't like one scanner simply use another one. Or look at the scanner scripts you can use with Xwall and take email virus scannng to the next level. Read more...

tar pitting The Tar Pitting Filter
Tar pitting is used to prevent address harvesting attacks. It's done by adding delays in certain SMTP functions making it too time consuming for the attacker to find valid addresses.

XWall Blocking Filters The Blocking Filters
The Blocking filters are the manual filter components in XWall. These filters include blocks by:

  • Mail from specific e-mail addresses
  • Domain blocks
  • Host blocks
  • IP blocks
  • Text or subject strings and words
  • Dangerous attachment blocks (your list)
  • Exploits - double ext., CLSID ext., Password protected zips, ect.
  • Character sets (Common Russia, China, Korea, etc.)
  • IP addresses by Country
  • Header
  • HTML
  • AutoIP
  • Recipient
  • Unknown user.

Each of the blocks has its own action filter and exclude table. It allows you to customize XWall to your needs.

Sender Permitted Filtering What if XWall Finds Spam?
SPAM ROUTING: If XWall finds spam or junk mail content XWall offers a variety of options to handle the undesirable mail:

  • Discard Message
  • Stop message and keep a copy for xx days for retrieval
  • Send a non-delivery report to the sender
  • Mark subject
  • Mark subject and move to junk mail folder
  • Forward to the Postmaster
  • Encapsulate and forward to the Postmaster
  • Encapsulate and send the the recipient
  • Encapsulate and send the the recipient without attachment
  • Forward to recipient.

These options are individually selectable for each filter.

SMTP Relay Control Complete SMTP Relay Control
Worried about ending up on a open relay list yourself? XWall does offer SMTP relay to your in-house and external users. The SMTP relay in XWall can be protected in many ways. It will start by disabling the relay all together if you don't need to relay, or you can authenticate all users through NTML (NT/ Win2000 domain users). Also, you may set a general user name and password, and you can restrict access to certain IP address ranges.

Sender Permitted Filtering Automatic Sender Permission
Automatic whitelisting is a great feature available in XWall. It automatically adds the e-mail address of every outgoing message to the exclude list. The reasoning behind this idea is that if you send e-mail to someone, it's likely that you want that person to be able to reply. It's a very welcome feature if you implement more aggressive RBLs™. The Auto white list can be kept company-wide or for individual users.

DNS Whitelist DNS Whitelist & Bonded Sender™ Programs
Bonded Sender works like a SLS/RBL blacklist, except in reverse. XWall supports Bonded Sender and many other DNS and Domain-based whitelist services.

email disclaimer E-Mail Disclaimer Notice
Do you need to make sure all outgoing email has your legal disclaimer? XWall will attach such a disclaimer to all outbound mail. You can have different email disclaimers for different users. It can be plain text or HTML.

Se-mail encryption E-mail Encryption & Signing
Want to S/MIME sign outgoing mail? XWall can do it for you. But instead of tracking down every Outlook you only need to install the certificate in XWall. How about encrypted email? Is this true for encrypted email? Yes - XWall is able to encrypt your email at the server level.

admin reports and charts Daily Performace Reports
Using the ESATInformer optional add-on gives you an inside look at your spam situation. You see where spam comes from and where is goes. You see how effective your filter settings are and you see what messages your users retrieve.

spam reports User Spam Reports
ESATInformer prevents false positives in a dramatic way. All or selected users receive a spam report every day. The report is clearly formatted and shows all the message senders and subjects. The user then can retrieve any message he needs.

False Positive  retrieval Automatic Blocked Message Retrieval
ESATInformer allows the user to automatically retrieve messages blocked by XWall unless the message contained a virus or dangerous attachment. The process utilizes ESAT's web interface or Pop3 mail box.

False Positive  retrieval Increase Mail Server Efficiency
Spam free server is not a buzzword. Unlike many other spam solutions the XWall / ESAT combination keeps the detected spam out of your Exchange or mail server and automatically deletes it after a set number of days. Just imagine how your Exchange performs with 80% less mail load. ... and how about the backup? It will take a fraction of the current time and tape.

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