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How to - Blocking & Exclusions

How To block /exclude email addresses & domains

The basic rule: XWall compares the addresses from RIGHT to LEFT. The following examples will demonstrate how to use the correct syntax.

.com This blocks any email from ANY .com domain. Something you probably don't want to do. This blocks any email from and also any email from This blocks any mail from but not This blocks mail from sub domains such as , However this is an address block and not a host block so it will not block a forged address like sent by a server. This will block but it also can block
"" This will only block . Don't type the quotes (') it's just used to indicate the space in front of the ox. A space signals Xwall to stop comparing.


Blocking or excluding IP addresses

This sytax is valid in the IP adders fields for blocking or excluding IP addresses, including relay configurations. will block the address only
192.168.1. Will block any address from to
192.168. Will block any address from to


Will block any address from to


Please note the "." On the end of the IP addresses used for IP ranges.


Using Text and Subject blocks

Text and subject blocks are strings. A string is not a word. If you typed the word the quote (") is only used to point out spaces and such. DO NOT TYPE the QUOTES shown in the examples.

"spam" Spam with no spaces before and after the string will apply to Spam, spam, spamer, nonespam, despaming
" spam" Spam with a space before the string will apply to spam, Spam, spamer will not apply to nonespam, despaming
" spam " Spam with a space before and after the string will apply to spam, Spam and will not apply to spamer, nonespam, despaming
"viagra" will apply to viagra since it's a unique name you may not add spaces
"v?i?a?g?r?a" applies to v_i_a_g_r_a, v*i*a*g*r*a, v=i=a=g=r=a, v_i*a=g+r&a, Will not apply to v**iarga
"v*i*a*g*r*a will apply to valium, ice-cream apple, grapes, record, auto... and anything else you can think of. (An easy way for your to get in trouble)