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XWall Protects Your SMTP Relay

Today an open relay is not acceptable. Relay abuse is a major issue and you need to take care of any relay problems you may have. Just as The RBL and SLS spam lookup services test random mail servers, so do the spammers. Your open relay will be found by both sides and that spells real trouble for you. Protecting the relay is just one of the many functions of XWall. For a lot of XWall users the benefit of relay protection is very valuable. So much so that some actually bought XWall for just that purpose. If you are not sure about your relay situation use the open relay test link on our Email test page.

Your users will get frustrated when they try to send an email to clients and they never get it. Why? - Because your mail server was found to be an open relay by a Spam lookup service and now your mailserver is on a blacklist. Companies using these lists will block your email. If you feel that may have happened to you, our Email test page provides links to a spam service test

You just installed a new Exchange server using a fancy dual processor machine but the mail is slower every day. Why? - The Spamers found you and use your open relay to mail millions of spam messages. That's bad enough but thousands of servers block the messages your server sends and it will retry and retry and retry .... you get the idea.

XWall for Exchange and for most SMTP Mail servers offers excellent spam filtering and a bullet proof relay protection. Unlike some mail servers the is protection is turned on right out of the box. Some companies have a need to relay outsiders or other servers over their mail system. XWall is well equipped to handle these situations.

  • XWall can allow relaying from reserved IP addresses
  • XWall can allow to relay from specific IP addresses
  • XWall can allow to relay from specific hosts
  • XWall can allow to relay by SMTP authentication (ESMTP)
  • XWall can allow to relay by NTML (Windows NT/2000/2003 domains) authentication.

By installing XWall in front of your exchange server you're not just getting rid of spam. you don't end up being a spammer.

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