XWall 3.37e :
June 10 2006 Dataenter releases it's first Beta with the image spam block. The option blocks empty messages with only an image

XWall 3.38b:
August 16 2006 Dataenter releases an update to the image spam it now searches for background images. This catches the new version of most stock spam.

Buy Stock, make millions and .....

The Spammers make it simple
..or don't they. One thing is certain spammers expanded their territory from Viagra to Wall Street. Using new techniques they get to people in more them one way. The messages not only passes many spam filters they also seem to do their job soliciting gullible readers.

So what about the Stock?
Ever since I see the stock spam I wonder how much influence they really have. So I went and did some research. I just took some spam collected in July and August and did a lookup. While not conclusive it is interesting. Red lines indicate the spam release period.

Does following the stock spammers advice make you rich? They don't have you in mind. So chances are good you end on the wrong side of the "Street"

The spammers idea is simple..
Buy stock that is going nowhere and send out millions of messages promising a hot mover ready to breakout. Once their spam creates interest the volume increases. The price increase usually follows. At that point the spammer sells you his stock. Once the spammer is out of shares the spam stops and so does the interest in the stock. The buyers faced the dilemma of having lots of shares and no demand. That often results in selling the shares at a sizable loss.

Apparently the spammers know what they are doing. They don't talk their prey into buying MSFT (Microsoft) or IBM. Instead they go for the small over the counter stock with a low volume. I believe their action is measurable on the individual stock.

If you're a spammer wanting to get rid of bad stock this seemed to work. The volume shows a definite increase during the spam campaign. We may assume the spammer bought the stock for $0.06 or $0.07 and sold it to his believers for $0.10 to $0.12.

I find EPLJ Spam starting in the first week of August and lasting several days. You could have bought EPLJ for as much as $0.18 a share and today it's sitting at $0.10. The volume did triple during the spam campaign.

Goldmark Spam was floating around for some time. The spammers actually released their own press releases and forced Goldmark to the statement below

Goldmark Industries, Inc. Not Responsible for Spam Business Wire
Goldmark Industries, Inc. (PINK SHEETS:GDKI), has received numerous calls and emails from victims of spam emails touting Goldmark's stock. The Company has issued a warning to the public of the unauthorized use of company press releases in an illegal spam operation being conducted by an unknown party. The Company does not condone the use of spam and demands that the responsible party immediately cease this illegal operation. Further, the Company has never at any time authorized or would authorize the use of unsolicited e-mails to publicize the Company's stock or events.

For a period of what we can determine to be almost a month, an unidentified third party(s) unrelated to the Company has been sending out e-mails touting the Company's stock or reciting new releases from the Company. The Company has investigated as many instances of the unsolicited e-mails as possible. To date, we have determined that several different ISPs from many different countries have been used to send the e-mails. There has been no success, however, in identifying a probable sender.

This spam was just a simple text message. As with other the volume increased as the spam campaign was launched.

At the beginning only few were caught by the SLS services. That has improved. Specially the Spamhaus XBL filter catches a fair share. But Stock spam is here to stay. It's not easy to stop. Unlike Viagra the spammer does not send you to his favorite Pharmacy. You can buy his stock anywhere. Actively supported spam filters like XWall can stop most of the stock spam.

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