XWall CCS:
Want to catch even more spam and some otherwise undetected viruses? XWall Central Checksum can do that for you.

Where is all the spam coming from and who gets it? Worried about the spam filter blocking an important e-mail? ESATInformer has all the answers and can retrieve blocked messages if needed.

XWall Support Pages

XWall Support
Need support or have a question? We offer an extensive help section, a supported user forum and email or phone support.

Ceratec Support:

The XWall Forum: http://www.xwall.us/phpBB2/index.php

The HelpDesk: http://support.ceratec. net

Phone support: (512) 285-2620 (CST, GMT-6)

Email: support@ceratec.net

Other Ceratec sites:

Publisher: Dataenter.co.at

Site: http://www.dataenter.co.at

Email : support@dataenter.co.at (MEZ - GMT+1)

XWall Installation Screen Shots
The Spammers are more resourceful as you may think. Unlike virus scanners there is no quick fix for all situations. However, the XWall Spam filter features all elements to have a real impact on your Spam problem. Your company's requirement may be different from others. XWall can adapt to many needs. I like to show you how I setup XWall at my local clients. A successful XWall installation will block Spam with a minimum of false positives. More details....

XWall Configuration Examples
The XWall Spam filter offers a wide variety of filters and blocks. Understanding these options is important for success. This page will show you the initial setup Ceratec uses at its local client sites. More details....

Blocking and Exclusion Rules

How do we block /exclude email addresses & domains? The basic rule: XWall compares the addresses from RIGHT to LEFT. The following examples will demonstrate how to use the correct syntax. More details....

XWall Protects Your SMTP Relay
XWall for Exchange and for most SMTP Mail servers offers excellent spam filtering and a bullet proof relay protection. Unlike some mail servers the protection is turned on right out of the box. More details....

Scripts for XWall
XWall users often post scripts in the forum and, time permitting, we will list them here. More details.....

Greylisting, A powerful Spam Stopper
Greylisting - or what makes spammers different from the rest of us? Spammers deal with a lot of emails every day. Most of them send several millions on a daily basis. In other words - as many as they can get out. When quantity counts, retries are a costly option. Most spammers will opt out of retries. More details.....

Using CLamAV with XWall

ClamAV has been a fast and reliable mail server virus scanner for the Unix/Linux world for some time now. Clamwin offers only half of the ClamAV functionality. The Summit Open Source Development Group has ported all of ClamAV over to win32 to include the Clamd server daemon and the clamdscan client. More details.....

Using Multiple Virus Scanners with XWall

I implemented a batch file with two different virus scanners - McAfee VirusScan and F-Prot. It works very well so far. Both of the scanners return different error levels for scanner errors (e.g. bad signatures) and found viruses. For simplicity, the batch exits if the first scanner finds a virus. . More details.....

Using McAfee with XWall

I like to use the daily DATs (sometimes several per day) from McAfee for use with XWall (ePO manages the DATs for Exchange using the standard DATs). It keeps XWall's anti-virus skills bleeding edge, while Exchange runs with the "production" DATs. . More details.....

Using F-Prot with XWall with fail-safe option

Here is my suggestion for an F-Prot "wrapper" batch to work around the bad signature issue (or at least react to the fact in order to prevent false infected reports). . More details.....